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The Twelve Days of Springtime

The frost is melting and it’s time for spring! That means field trips, planting school gardens, and discovering new friends for this adventurous class as their teacher introduces them to the season one gift at a time. Two turtle ponds, four ladybugs, and a class full of curious kids equals a whole lot of fun!

Young readers will love following the students’ hilarious misadventures as these rambunctious kindergartners explore the delights of spring, including mud, frogs, and baby farm animals. The whimsical illustrations reveal new surprises on every page.

Winner of the NAPPA Gold Award!

Also by Deborah Lee Rose and Carey F. Armstrong-Ellis

The Twelve Days of Kindergarten and The Twelve Days of Winter

The Spelling Bee Before Recess (August 2013)

All published by Harry Abrams Books for Young Readers

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Kirkus Review

"On the twelfth day of springtime, / my teacher gave to me / TWELVE flags for flapping, / eleven stones for stepping, / ten words for rhyming, / . . . / and a garden to water carefully." One increasingly frazzled teacher leads her class through a variety of activities, some specifically seasonal, some not, to the familiar tune. The humor's all in Armstrong-Ellis's illustrations, which depict a rambunctious, multi-ethnic classroom full of kids and their valiant teacher, who is no Ms Frizzle. Each page turn shows her eyes getting wider and wider behind their horn-rims as her kids take every activity she presents them and turn it into happy chaos. Readers will get an enormous kick out of seeing what they do in each busy spread, and they won't care if the scansion sometimes stutters. (Picture book. 4-8)