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The Twelve Days of Kindergarten

"On the first day of kindergarten, my teacher gave to me the whole alphabet from A to Z." Welcome to kindergarten, a wonderful world full of puzzles, pencils, and picture books! Each day promises an adventure as teachers give their students something new to do. Whether feeding fish or building with blocks, these students discover what fun school can be! Drawing on the rhythm and rich repetition of the familiar "Twelve Days of Christmas," Deborah Lee Rose's story is a lighthearted and welcoming introduction to school. Kids will love following along and joining in as the text accumulates, culminating on the twelfth day. Readers of all ages will want to enroll!

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This book was inspired by my son's first day of kindergarten, and by the many gifts and adventures his teacher gave to his class throughout the year.

Trying singing as well as reading the book out loud. Get everyone to sing really loudly on "five gold stars!" You can also encourage children to do different hand motions for each verse and count on their fingers if they can. Kids love all of this.

School Library Journal

"Set to the familiar tune of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas', this poem enumerates a child’s experiences upon entering kindergarten. The youngster begins, 'On the first day of kindergarten, my teacher gave to me the whole alphabet from A to Z!' and proceeds through 5 gold stars and ends with 12 eggs for hatching…hilarious illustrations chronicle the harried teacher’s adventures with her new students. On art day, a boy spills a big jar of green paint, one kid picks his nose in every scene, bees get loose from a display on a field trip, and on and on."


“What’s great is that the characters aren’t stuck in their roles, and kids who look closely at the pictures, while taking pleasure in the chanting verse, will find a story about learning, messing up a lot, and sometimes changing. This uproarious picture book uses a cumulative counting verse to celebrate a kindergarten classroom with a teacher and eight pupils busy with all kinds of learning fun–from chanting the alphabet and recognizing shapes and colors, to stringing beads and feeding pets. The clear, lively double-page spreads show groups as well as individual pupils. Kids will enjoy following the characters and seeing the roles they play.”