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Someone’s Sleepy



Young children and the grownups in their lives will treasure this loving, gentle going-to-sleep book. Kirkus says, “There will never be a magic book that puts every child to sleep, but this hushed cadence is certain to soothe.” 

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ALA Booklist  

“For parents and caregivers who have exhausted Goodnight Moon…The fish, the dog, the toys, and the photographs on the wall are all yawning. Indeed, someone is definitely sleepy, and that someone is an adorable red-headed toddler. In the background, the girl’s charming puppy watches over her and begins his own nighttime preparations. As soothing as the text, Andreasen’s digitally enhanced graphite-and-ink illustrations depict the girl’s bedroom on a large scale, facilitating small eyes to see and small hands to point. The final double-page spread features the little girl asleep and dreaming, with recognizable items from the book’s earlier scenes floating above her.”

“This calming, rhythmic book comes with a bedtime ritual embedded in the story; reading the story and drawing attention to each sleepy hand and sleepy foot allows caregiver and child to create a tender tradition amidst the sometimes chaotic routines of a toddler day. In the tradition of Goodnight Moon, the repetition of sleepy, while attached to different items works like a pendulum lulling the listener (and sometimes the reader!) into a drowsy rest. When a child is less ready to go to bed, the illustrations provide enough detail that a caregiver can discuss and point out dolls and toothbrushes, an adorable pet dog and fishbowls until a little one is ready to nestle down to sleep.”

Walnut Creek Magazine  

“For generations of young children, Goodnight Moon has been their literary lullaby. Now comes Someone’s Sleepy…”

Bay Area Parent  

“This adorably illustrated trip through bedtime routines should help your little one wind down and hit the pillow as quickly as the little girl in its pages.”

San Francisco Book Review

Reviewed by “Liesl, Age 2,” says, “The little girl is getting ready for bed. She is sleepy; her fish is yawning, and her dog is yawning, and her baby is yawning! So she takes a bath; she has a ducky and has a fish in there. Then she is trying to get dressed in her pjs. She brushes her teeth and gets into bed. Her mom tickles her on the toes, like that! She snuggles under her quilt, and she hears the owl and her puppy. Her mom gives her a kiss on the cheek. She hugs her bunny and her bear, and she goes to sleep. This book has nice pictures, but I don’t like them, because I don’t want to go to sleep! But I like to take baths like the girl does. This is a nice girl and she has a nice dog that goes to sleep with her. I like the dog. I do like mama to read me this book.”