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Haunted House Halloween


(c) Deborah Lee Rose
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Deborah dressed up for Halloween as Raggedy Ann

Deborah dressed up for Halloween as Raggedy Ann

A Spooky Rhyme
by Deborah Lee Rose

Peek inside the cobwebbed door.
Tiptoe ‘cross the creaky floor.
Peer around the darkened room,
thick with dust and haunted gloom.

Feel a shiver in the air.
Who knows what fiends are lurking there.
A ghost jumps out along the way!
Spooky sounds begin to play…

Shrieking goblins, hooting owls,
moaning ghosts and werewolf howls.
Hissing cats and rattling bones,
curdling screams and zombie groans.

A mummy rises from the dead!
Frankenstein removes his head.
Three witches stir a bubbling stew
and offer you a bite, or two.

Dracula unfurls his cape—
Too late! Now there is NO escape…
You feel your heartbeat freeze with fright.
But wait—is that a glimpse of light?

Just one way out. No time to spare!
Duck past the ghost that lingers there.
Race back across the creaky floor
and rush outside the cobwebbed door.

Safe now from that haunted den…
until it’s time to go

Special thanks to Pacific Grove Public Library, Pacific Grove, California whose annual haunted house inspired this poem!